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What to Expect


To our patients

  • My name is Dr. Michele C. Reed, and as a primary care physician and the president of MS Family Health Care, P.C. making the health care system work for your benefit is an important part of my job. I'm a board certified Family Practice Physician who practices a slightly different kind of medicine. My goal is to provide today's state-of-the-art health care with traditional caring values. I care passionately about your health and believe you deserve the best our system has to offer.
  • MS Family is a patient focused medical practice that takes a holistic approach to patient care. That means that we work with you to examine your overall health and well being. We have a special emphasis on preventative care and the promotion of health lifestyles. Many of our providers spend their personal time working within their respective communities to promote healthy lifestyles and health education through not for profit work.
    We believe the following:
    • You deserve a physician who will listen to you and take the time to answer your questions. That's why we take time to listen to you during your appointment.
    • You deserve sound advice, not just about getting well but about staying well. I urge you to get an annual physical exam, both to establish a baseline and to benefit from the breakthroughs in diagnostic medicine that appear each year. If you're over 40, having an annual physical is particularly important.
    • You deserve to see me when you need me. If you're ill and I'm in the office, I'll see you the same day you call.
    • You deserve an advocate to guide you through today's bewildering health care delivery system and to coordinate your care. As your primary care physician, I or my staff will do our best to give you an answer or provide a resource or person that can answer your medical questions.
    • Over the years I've built strong relationships with a group of specialists and other providers of health care services.
    • Because you're busy you deserve the convenience of handling routine transactions with my office online. You can use this site to schedule an appointment, request a prescription refill or, for that matter, find out the vaccinations you need. I hope you find these interactive services useful and look forward to your feedback on this web site or any other aspect of your health care experience.
    • Together we can make the system work for you.

Wishing you the best of health,
Dr. Michele C. Reed, FAAFP  

What MSFM expects from their patients

To make the health care system work for you, we must work together. For that to happen, we mutually agree and expect the following:
    • We expect you to keep us informed of any new developments in your health.
      • For example, if you see a specialist who orders any tests, We expect you to make sure the results are sent to us.
      • Also, if you travel out of town and need emergency care, please have the hospital send a copy of any workup to our office.
    • We expect you to use my web site solely for routine transactions with my office.
      • You should never use the Internet to contact me or my staff about urgent matters since.
      • If I'm away from the office, you may not receive a response for several days. In the event that you need a more rapid response, please call my office directly to speak with me, my staff or my answering service. Finally, in an emergency, always call 911 and go immediately to the nearest hospital.
      • We expect you to contact me after a lab test or an X-ray to discuss the results, even if we made the appointment for you.
        • Since it's critical that we discuss test results and take any further action that might be necessary, your follow-up call to me will help ensure that we get the information we need when we need it.
      • We expect you to have an annual physical and then make and keep an all-important follow-up appointment to discuss the results.
        • If any lab result appears to me to be an imminent threat to your health, I will call you immediately. We'll discuss all other results, be they normal or abnormal, in the follow-up appointment you schedule.
      • We expect you to tell us if you decide not to do something we've agreed you'll do.
        • For instance, if we decide you need an X-Ray or to start a new medication and you later decide not to, I expect you to let me know right away. It's ultimately your decision, but I need to know if you decide to abandon a treatment regime we've agreed to.
      • Finally, We expect you to tell us right away if you have problems with my office or any other aspect of your health care experience. I cannot fix problems I know nothing about.

Together we can make the system work for you.